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"ASITO" - financial results 2011
Published Date: 25.01.2012 10:47   

The International Insurance Company
„ASITO” S.A. – consistency and stability

In 2011, when the insurance market, as the entire economy of Moldova, was under the impact of the recession,  „ASITO” during the year has increased insurance income by 1.2 mil to 204.5 mil lei, against the income in 2010.

The Company assets at 31 of December 2011, constitute a total of 398.2 mil lei against  390.1 mil lei in 2010, including long term assets -  326.1 mil lei.

During the reported period, the net assets of the Company rises up to 240.8 mil lei, an equivalent of 109% compared to 2010. The net profit for 2011 is 5.2 mil lei.

Insurance reserves in 2011 boosted by 111%, representing 142.5 mil lei, in comparison with a 129.0 mil lei at the end of 2010.

„ASITO” Insurance Company kept its established priorities and goals, these being unconditional compliance to the clients’ interests, an improvement in the process of servicing after-sales the insurance contracts and claims settlement. This way, in the reporting year the company settled losses up to 86.0 mil lei, comprising: „CASCO” - 14.3 mil lei against 12.5 mil lei in 2010, Green Card insurance – 27.6 mil lei against 12.8 mil lei in 2010 (the largest loss increase – 2.2 times that in 2010), Health insurance and accidents - 6.6 mil lei against 5.7 mil lei in 2010, etc.

Despite any difficulties, „ASITO” Insurance Company fully honors its obligations to their clients and business associates, and the Management staff is making efforts dedicated to maintain and strengthen stability and solvency within the Company, which was recorded at 780% (the minimum required being 100%), pursuing constant welfare and the safety of their clients, employees and shareholders, but also continuous insurance development as an important branch of the national economy.

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In 2012 „ASITO” recorded an income of 204.5 mil. lei, increasing by 1.2 mil. lei from 2011. Read more...

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