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Compulsory Insurance of Carriers Liability to Passengers

Compulsory carriers’ liability insurance to passengers was approved by Law No.1533 as of 25 February 1998 “Re Compulsory Insurance of Carriers’ Liability to Passengers”. This class of insurance is applicable to organized air, road, railway and river carriers and does not extend to
    -  internal urban electric and motor vehicles;
  -  suburban motor vehicles, ferry boats, river vessels used for excursion tours.

Carriers are obliged to make annually contracts for obligatory insurance of carriers’ liability to passengers. Insurance contracts shall be concluded before obtaining license for carrying passengers.

The object of insurance is third party liability of carriers for the damage caused to life, health and property of passengers .

The subject of insurance may be a legal entity or an individual independent on the type of ownership and form of legal organization that carries passengers’ trips by air, road, railway or river.

The insurance premium makes up to 1 per cent of the amount of the annual volume of passengers’ transportation.

In case of bodily injury or death of a passenger as a result of an accident indemnity shall be paid in the amount of actual damage evidenced by competent authorities and documents certifying expenses born by the sufferer though no more than US$10,000.

Indemnity for a bodily injury or death of the passenger shall include:

    1. Salary lost for the period of temporary disability though no more than US$20 per every day of disability;

    2. Expenses for treatment, necessary medicines, prosthetic appliances, and care confirmed by legal medical institution as well as transport expenses of the sufferer and whenever necessary, of one accompanying person;

    3. Salary lost for the period of determining disability stipulated in items a) and b) calculated in compliance with the method applied in social security authorities;

    4. Funeral expenses;

    5. The part of salary lost by dependants due to death of the bread-winner
Indemnity shall be paid for the damage caused to passengers since the moment of their entering the transport vehicle till their leaving the vehicle in the point of destination including changing the vehicles on the way.

Insurance cover shall be provided for damage caused to passengers since the time of their entrance to the vehicle at the place of departure and till the time of their leaving the vehicle at the place of their destination, inclusive transportations by mini buses.

The following persons shall be entitled to insurance indemnity:

  • Passengers with the ticket;
  • Passengers that travel without tickets on the base of certificates or other documents issued in conformity with the law and confirming the right for transportation.

Indemnity shall equal to actual amount of damage caused to the passenger during the road accident on the base a of certificate evidencing the road accident and compiled by the authorities that control traffic safety, death certificate issued by the organisation that is authorised to confirm death or degree of bodily injury, documents that prove expenses for treatment, necessary medicines, prosthetic appliance due to the insured event.

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