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Those insured with this class of insurance can be physical and juridical persons (including foreign ones), legal motor vehicle owners that either work or permanently live in Moldova. When a motor vehicle is leased there should be a respective lease certificate; when a motor vehicle is not driven by an owner a proxy should be issued by a notary that allows vehicle using and driving by an authorised person.

Objects of facultative motor casco insurance can be all motor vehicles, trailers, (semi-trailers including their accessories) possessing body and engine numbers and lacking penetrating body deteriorations and windows’ cracks. At Insured’s request supplementary accessories, drivers and passengers can be insured against eventual sequences of road accidents.
Insured motor vehicles have 24 hour protection independent on the place of parking.

Indemnity shall be paid for the factors promoting motor vehicles’ deterioration - accidents, natural calamities, fire, theft, social and political events, etc.
The following is also indemnified:

  • Expenses for towing motor vehicles to either repair shops or parking places;
  • Deterioration of motor vehicles in the process of liquidation of the insured event sequences;
  • Expenses for decreasing damage caused by the insured peril;
  • Prejudices provoked by the road accident when the motor vehicle was driven by person other than the Insured, specified in the insurance application filled in when making the insurance contract.

Insurance of motor vehicles, trailers, semi- trailers and their accessories is made either in full or partial version.
Discounts are provided for those Insureds that make motor casco insurance contracts for two and more consecutive years without interruption. In such cases Insureds benefit a preferential period of one month for contracts’ renewal.

Discounts are also stipulated for those Insureds that have insured with us for a long period without claims in which they were guilty.

It allows them getting premium discounts of 5% in a year and up to 30%  after 6 years of claimless driving.

The insurance premium may be paid in a lump sum in 2 instalments, quarterly or monthly.

Legal entities that insure concomitantly 5 motor vehicles may benefit premium reduction from 5% to 25%. Besides “bonus-malus” is also applied.

Tariff rates vary from 3.3 % (trucks) to  4.3% (cars) depending on risks covered, engine cylinder capacity, period of vehicle use, motor vehicle maintenance, territory, use of a motor vehicle by other people, etc.

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