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Compulsory Internal Motor Third Party Liability Insurance of Motorists

Compulsory internal Motor Third Party Liability insurance (internal MTPL) was approved by the Moldovan Law "On Insurance" no.1509 - XII as of 15 June 1993 and launched on 3 January 1995 in conformity with Decision No.956 of the Moldovan Government as of 28 December 1994.

It stipulates indemnifying bodily injury and damage to the property belonging to the third parties caused by the Insured in the territory of Moldova as a result of a road accident.
Insurance policies issued by ASITO  Company guarantee indemnifying the amount that the Insured should pay for bodily injury or property damage as well as court expenses incurred during court investigation to the parties which suffered due to the road accident caused by you.

MTPL insurance contracts are concluded with owners of motor vehicles (registered in Moldova) for the period of one year and with foreign motor owners - for the period starting from 15 days.

Insurance premiums on compulsory MTPL insurance have been established by the Moldovan Government and depend on the model, technical parameters and registration place of motor vehicles.

ASITO offers discounts for up to 25% of the annual premium to physical persons with locomotor deficiencies, pensioners, owners of motorcycles and motor vehicles adapted to deficiencies. Insureds are obliged to notify the Company as soon as they become aware of any changes in the insured risk during the period of insurance

Obligations of the Insured

At occurrence of the insured event Insureds are obliged as follows:

  • To undertake all depending on them measures to lessen road accident sequences;
  • To immediately notify police and other legal authorities about the road accident and require compiling the certificate evidencing reasons and circumstances of the accident and damage caused;
  • To notify ASITO claims section either in writing or phone about the insured event within 48 hours since the time of occurrence of the insured event(tel.52 81 80) even though the sufferer makes no claims to guilty persons;
  • To request information from competent authorities in respect of the road accident and its consequences ;
  • To submit documents and evidences to the Insurer that are necessary for revealing reasons and circumstances of the accident, the amount of damage and determining the right to indemnity;
  • To notify the Insurer in writing about claims and submit all documents associated with the road accident;
  • To defend in the court as recommended in writing by the Company;
  • To familiarise the sufferer or his relatives with necessary information about the Insurer - ASITO and the fact of holding the contract of MTPL insurance.
ASITO’s Obligations:

Being notified about occurrence of the insured event the Company is obliged:
  • To compile minutes confirming occurrence and to establish the actual volume and amount of damage;
  • To consider the claim application and pay up claim within the term specified in the law on Compulsory Third Party Liability of Motorists since finishing own investigations or decision making by the court.

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