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Commercial Package Insurance

Commercial package insurance has been successfully sold in insurance markets of many countries. Inspired by practical
achievements of these countries, supported and assisted both, by international and local experts ASITO is able to write this class of insurance that includes already written products such as property, goods in transit, and new products as follows – business interruption, electronic equipment, machinery breakdown, general liability, professional indemnity insurances etc.

This product provides cover against many risks that may occur while exercising activity by legal entities independent on the type of ownership and form of management.

1. Expenses for making commercial package insurance are less because instead of making 10 separate insurance policies we issue only one that provides cover as agreed by a customer.
2. Insureds acquire a number of additional benefits as well as a more extended cover.
3. This kind of insurance allows avoiding financial difficulties resulting due to occurrence of insured risks in order not to affect the carried out performance.
The Policy consists of 10 sections and can be purchased only if you select cover under 2 or more sections.

Property Section is the base section of this insurance.
It stipulates insurance cover for material damage or deterioration of buildings, loss of all contents that are important for business, for which the Insured is legally responsible as well as customers’ contents which is not otherwise insured, goods – in- stock and other real estate, as well as loss of rent whilst premises are uninhabitable due to decreasing the following risks - fire, lightening, wind, water, fire extinguishes foam, collisions, explosions, earthquakes, aircraft, riots and strikes, vandalism and malicious actions of the third parties, accidental deterioration.

Business Interruption Section stipulates insurance cover in case of profit loss (gross or weekly income) and/or fixed expenses resulting from interruption or interference to the Business caused by loss or damage to property insured under the Property or Theft.

Theft Section stipulates loss and damage caused to property and stocks as a result of theft, attempted theft consequent upon the actual forcible and violent actions against the Insured or his employees, fraud of one of Insured’s employees;

Money Section stipulates cover of loss or damage caused to property of the Insured connected with his business whilst in transit in the territory of the Republic of Moldova, in the building during business hours, at Insured’s or his employees residence, for damage to Safes and Strongrooms.

Machinery Breakdown Section stipulates compensation of sudden and accidental physical loss or damage occurred as a result of all electrical, electronic and mechanical machinery and plant and any boilers and pressure vessels’ defects used by you in the Business.

Electronic Equipment Section provides cover against material loss or damage caused to the insured equipment, compensation of expenses born for reproducing data or information lost as a sequence of equipment loss as well as expenses for using the system substituting for the period of Insured’s activity interruption.

Broadform Liability Section provides cover on behalf of the Policyholder for sums which he became legally responsible to pay by way of compensation in respect of damage caused to property and/or death or bodily injury, resulting from insured events, arising out of insured’s activity; for damage to property and/or death or bodily injury caused by products sold or produced by a Policyholder or arising out of Policyholder’s business; and for court expenses.

Glass Section provides cover in respect of breakage of fixed external or internal glass at the premises belonging to the customer or for which he is legally liable.

Goods in Transit Section stipulates cover of loss or damage to goods belonging to the customer or for which he is legally responsible whilst in the normal course of transit in Moldova caused by fire, lightening, explosion or theft due to forcible and violent entry evidenced by visible damage to the securely locked portion of a vehicle containing the Insured.

General Property Section specifies cover loss or damage caused by sudden and unexpected event to portable objects and accessories owned by a customer or for which he is legally responsible whilst in the normal course of business in Moldova.

Tariff rate on this product varies from 0.15 % of the total sum insured depending on the chosen cover


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