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Homeowners Insurance

Physical persons, homeowners, may become beneficiaries of this class of insurance. Homeowners’ insurance policy covers the following insured events:

  • fire or explosion
  • lightning striking the homer
  • earthquake
  • vandalism
  • theft (or attempted theft) of specified items consequent upon violent and forcible entry into the residential building
  • escape of water from water tanks, pipes, gutters or drains
  • riots and civil commotions
  • impact by or arising out of the use of a vehicle, aerial device or watercraft impact, space debris or debris from an aircraft, rocket or satellite, falling tree or branch of a tree
  • storm, rainwater

The insurance product consists of three sections: home, contents, third party liability.
Section “Your Home” - provides cover of claims up to the sum insured stated in the Policy Schedule for loss or damage to the home during the period of insurance caused by any the insured events.

This section specifies additional benefits such as compensation of building fees and related expenses in case of damage or loss sequencing from the insured event. It means compensation of architects fees, surveyors fees and the cost of demolition and removal of debris, compensation of loss of rental, mortgage discharge.

Section “Contents” –provides compensation up to the sum insured stated in the Schedule for loss or damage to the contents of your home – carpets, curtains, refrigerators, washing machines, TV sets, clothes.

Section “Liability to Others” – provides compensation for any amounts that the Insured or member of his family permanently residing with him has to pay as a sequence of death or bodily injuries caused to other people, or damage caused to the property of other people.

Homeowners insurance specifies a deductible the amount of which shall be added to indemnity paid for loss or damage.
The insurance premium for Sections 1 and 2 shall be calculated apart applying tariff rates for each section separately.

Base tariff rates are as follows:
- Section “Home” – 0.15% of the sum insured
- Section “Contents” – from 0.5 to 1% of the sum insured.

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