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Professional Indemnity Insurance

Subject of this class of insurance may be a physical or juridical person of the Republic of Moldova and other countries that shows legal patrimonial interest for concluding an insurance contract and that exercises professional activity independently, on the base of a respective skills certificate issued in compliance with the law.

Objects of insurance are patrimonial interests of an Insured for the purpose of which the insurance contact is concluded and that depend on Insured’s obligation to compensate (in conformity with the order established by the Civil Code and other normative acts in force) damage caused to third persons when exercising their professional activity of a notary, physician, judge, auditor and other types of professional activity.

Insured events are considered the following events that occur as a sequence of professional mistakes or negligence of the Insured (unintentional errors or negligence confirmed by court instances), that may result in:

  • Death or bodily injury (as a sequence of professional performance of the Insured);
  • Damage or loss of property (as a sequence of professional performance of the Insured) to which either an individual or a legal entity has any proprietary rights.

These events are considered as insured ones only when their occurrence involves professional indemnity of the Insured.
ASITO will also indemnify necessary and reasonable expenses for establishing circumstances of the insured event and degree of Insured’s guilt.

The insurance premium considerably depends on the chosen liability limit and varies from 0.2 to 7 % of the latter.

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