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Facultative Health Insurance

The contract of facultative health Insurance offers possibility of compensating medical treatment expenses born in case of acute illness, exacerbation chronic diseases or surgical interventions.

The policy of facultative health insurance specifies rendering timely and qualitative medical services by the best medical professionals in medical institutions of the republican category. The Company collaborates with all Moldovan medical institutions. Our partners are also private medical institutions applying modern methods of conservative and surgical treatment. Protection is valid 24 hours.

Health issues are promptly, efficiently and skilfully settled by leading physicians, private emergency service as well as through rendering specialized medical services in the following Moldovan medical institutions – Republican Clinical Hospital, Republican Cardiologic Hospital, Republican Diagnostics Centre, Clinic Hospital within the Ministry of Home Affairs, Government Clinic and Hospital.

Facultative health insurance cover includes the following options:

  • Combined Medical Assistance (in – and out-patient)
  • Standard Medical Assistance (in – and out-patient)
  • Dental Assistance
  • Compensation of medicines
  • Recuperation treatment

The cover on this class of insurance may be provided using the following contract options:

  • Group Contract (over 7 people)
  • Family Contract
  • Individual Contract.

Insurance Advantages:

  1. Financial comfort when paying medical services as the facultative health insurance policy formally guarantees payment of all expenses.
  2. Accessibility to qualitative medical services, modern laboratory and instrumental diagnostic techniques and methods of treatment paid by the ASITO policy and not from your own pocket.
  3. Access to dental services including modern diagnostic, prophylactic and treatment methods.
  4. Compensation expenses for medicines used for in- and out-patient treatment.
  5. Medical services are rendered in medical institutions specified in the insurance policy or, in case of emergency, in any Moldovan medical institution.
  6. The number of appeals to medical institutions is unlimited. The Policyholder has possibility for making medical investigations or treatments as many as necessary within the limit of the sum insured, specified in the policy.
  7. In conformity with Moldovan Government Decision No.484 as of 4 May 1998, legal entities are allowed to deduct expenses for facultative health insurance of their employees from entity income tax.
  8. The Law on State Social Security Budget does not stipulate allocation of social security fund contributions calculated on funds used by Employers for paying up facultative health insurance for its employees.
  9. The Employer provides a good motivation tool for enterprise employees.
  10. Growth of Employer’s authority and enterprise image.
  11. Facultative health insurance allows free choice of medical institutions.
  12. Physicians are limited neither in treatment techniques nor in terms within the sum insured of MDL10,000 – 50,000 per person specified in the insurance policy.

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